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We are on a mission to help B2B businesses grow and we need your help

We are looking for people who are…


Do you have a positive attitude, and see opportunities rather than challenges?


Do you create content that makes our clients stand out from the competition?


Do you work hard to ensure the success of our clients and always think of new ways to help them win?


Do thrive working with people all around the world in a truly multicultural business?

When you join LeadFighter, you sign up to help small B2B businesses grow

Many small B2B businesses struggle to grow because they don’t have the in-house knowledge to do so. When they get them they grow, hire more employees and make their local communities richer.

Our B2B marketing platform gives small B2B businesses their own marketing department, increasing the number of leads and sales they get. Companies who join our program experience a drastic increase in leads, revenue, and profits.

We believe the world is small. That’s why we have colleagues and customers all around the globe. Together we can empower small businesses, and their success will spread to as rings in water in their local community.

Do you want to grow personally and professionally?

Our habits

1. We stay in touch

Even though we are far apart, we stay in touch with each other. We have a daily online standup and weekly staff meeting. By doing so we take care of each other and ensure our projects are always moving forward.

2. We become better

We can always become better. That is why we all work on becoming better people and professionals.

3. We are creative

We make content that makes our clients stand out from the competition and think outside the box. It doesn’t matter if it is a Whitepaper, landing page, online ad, or something else. We always strive to be creative.


We help small B2B businesses grow by creating engaging marketing campaigns that create leads and convert them into customers. But we can’t do it alone. If you are intelligent, driven, and creative and want to join our mission, apply today.

We are looking for talent in South Eastern Europe

Graphic Designer

Do you make designs that make the draw drop?

Project Lead

Do you make projects run smoothly?

Senior Web Developer

Do you create content people love?

Paid Media Specialist

Do you make high-converting ads?