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Do You Want
High-Quality Leads?

When I started my first business. A telemarketing agency.

I wanted to grow quickly and have fun while doing it.

I was enthusiastic. I found a marketing agency.

Generating leads is easy’ they’d say…

They’d show me how all their other clients thrived. And their products would do the same for me!

So we started. built a new website, created a Facebook page, and did online marketing… but nothing happened.

No one was contacting me!

And don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t expecting a lead each day (at least to start with), but I wasn’t expecting absolutely anything. If I’m honest, I felt betrayed by the marketing agency. I was posting thousands of euros their way each month, but the leads did not come. Instead, I had to do as I do best – call cold canvas to get leads.

I was doing everything the marketing agency told me. Online I told my audience to hurry and buy now… or they’d never see the discount again… that my service would change their life.

But instead of customers coming in from my marketing budget, it was money going out.

My marketing didn’t generate any leads. I was beginning to lose hope.

I realized something.

The marketing agency wasn’t interested in me selling more – they were interested in selling more to me.

Of course, it’s easy to trap companies in the marketing thread mill. You need to advertise, or you will lose to your competitors. Maybe that’s why people find it hard to trust digital agencies.

So I started from scratch by myself.

I wanted to stand out from the competition. And I found out it is much harder than the agencies said.

I’d almost given up when I stumbled across something completely unexpected place.

I read an article.

And then