Appointment Setting

Explore the key principles of B2B appointment setting to develop a solid foundation for your sales team to excell.




Outbound telemarketing or Cold Calling: is the fastest way to boost sales!

Unfortunately it is also the toughest way to do it, and it is not for everyone.

Outbound telemarketing (aka cold calling) is the process of reaching out taking the shortest way to a direct clarification of a prospects interest in your product or service. Rather than waiting around nurturing it, you call and get an immediate yes or no. You only got that one shot to nail it with your pitch.

Today many business and advertising agencies claim that cold calling is dead. It is not!

Cold calling is a very efficient way to boost your sales pipeline. But most important it is the fastest and most direct way to train your sales pitch, and get invaluable insight on how the market fit of your product or service is.

Inconsistency in the sales outreach to new potential customers is one of the most common threats to B2B companies pipelines getting drained. The only way to prevent that is to monitor the performance, and have a clear pipeline strategy that make sure that the pressure in those pipes always are at the needed high level.

What does Outbound Telemarketing do for your business?

Open Direct Contact
Opening a direct line of contact with customers helps in gaining feedback.
Close More Deals
Cold calling is a strategy to boost sales by promoting and upselling products.
Market Research
Outbound calls provide priceless insights on new market trends.